Tinned Copper Clad Aluminum Alloy wire

Diameter: 0.08mm~0.60mm
Capacity:200 tons/m

Tinned wires mentioned here are mainly tin plated bimetallic wires, a new kind of shielding material which has CCAA wire or CCA wire as inner conductor and tin-Coating as outside layer. Its electrical and mechanical properties is between that of tinned copper wire and aluminum alloy wire. Tin plated CCAA wire, CCA wire combines good conductivity of tinned copper wire, light weight and good shielding of aluminum alloy wire. As braiding material ,it can replace tinned copper wire completely.


Compared to tinned copper wire, the length of tinned CCAA /CCA wire is 2.5times that of tinned copper wire based on same diameter and weight. So light weight and saving cost is the advantage of tinned CCAA wire and tinned CCA wire. Compared to aluminum alloy wire, tinned CCAA wire and tinned CCA wire have good solderability, special treatments are not needed as aluminum alloy wire

Technical Data

Description Norminal Diameter
Tensile Strength
CCAAT-15A 0.080≤d≤0.100 ±0.003 ≥9 ≥172 ≤0.0275 ≥64 ≥3.64
0.100<d≤0.120 ≥10 ≥172
0.120<d≤0.140 ≥10 ≥172
0.140<d≤0.200 ≥10 ≥172
0.200<d≤0.400 ±0.005 ≥12 ≥160
0.400<d≤0.600 ≥13 ≥150

Inner conductor material of Low voltage power cable, communication &signal cable
➢ Parallel double cores line conductor telephone communication
➢ Computer local network, network cable, network line
➢ Braiding wire of signal cable and LV &MV power cable
➢ Medical equipment & connection conductor material
➢ RF cable inner conductor & shielding
➢ Enameled magnet wires
➢ Car locomotive private sidings
➢ Others

Control Cable

Power Cable